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R&D effects on firm productivity, exports, and OFDI

: Korean firm-level analysis
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Title R&D effects on firm productivity, exports, and OFDI
Subtitle Korean firm-level analysis
Author Lee, Seungrae; Park, Ji Hyun; Kim, Hyuk-Hwang et al.
Publisher [Sejong] : The Korea Institute for International Economic Policy
Publication Date 2015
Material Type Article
Country South Korea Holding KIEP; KDI School
Language English License
Pages 5


This report empirically analyzes the effects of firm R&D on firm performance, particularly on firm productivity, exports, and outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) by using Korean firm-level data. While this report lies in line with prior literatures that examined firm R&D effects on firm performance, we further explores the pathway connection between the two. That is, we not only examine firm R&D effects on particular firm performance, but also study the significance of firm productivity as a pathway that links firm R&D with firm exports and OFDI. Our estimation results indicate that firm R&D significantly heightens firm performance, particularly by showing stronger impact on firm performance over time.

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