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Stay or return?

: Key decision factors of foreign STEM talents in Korea
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Title Stay or return?
Subtitle Key decision factors of foreign STEM talents in Korea
Author Kim, Jungbu; Oh, Seong Soo
Publisher [Sejong, South Korea] : Science and Technology Policy Institute
Publication Date 2014 - 10
Material Type Article
Country South Korea Holding Science and Technology Policy Institute
Language English License
Pages 22


Korea has pursued an aggressive policy of inviting more foreign-born students to its universities since the late 1990s in the wake of the globalization of education markets and its changing demographic structure. While increasingly more students from Asia come to Korea for study, more than half of the graduates return home upon graduation. Given the issues of brain drain, brain circulation, and knowledge transfer that are raised by such a high return rate, this paper examines the factors that frame the foreign students’ decision on their post-graduation careers. By analyzing survey data, we report that Asian students majoring in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are more likely to return than non-STEM majors. This suggests that Korea’s aggressive policies of inviting foreign-born students have contributed to brain circulation and knowledge transfer between Korea and the other Asian countries. (The rest omitted)

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