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Government and Law 17.Partnerships for the Goals

Public Diplomacy Project

1. Introduction

KDI School of Public Policy and Management implements educational cooperation project for reinforcing public diplomacy.

This project cooperates with distinguished universities in the Washington D.C. area and in Berlin, Germany and provides direct support for the Korea Studies Program at these respective universities. Through this project, KDI School intends to expand and reinforce a network of scholars and experts on Korea Studies who can help promote mutual understanding between Korea and the global community through research projects and outreach activities.


Johns Hopkins University SAIS : Korea Studies (존스홉킨스대 고등국제대학원)





George Washington University Institute for Korean Studies (조지워싱턴대 한국학연구소)







Freie Universität Berlin : Korean Studies (베를린 자유대학교)

[Key Peformance]

Educational cooperation with overseas educational institutions (해외 교육기관과의 교육협력)

- Support for the opening of academic courses on Korean politics and economy and dispatch of professors (한국의 정치, 경제와 관련한 학국학 강좌 개설 지원 및 교원 파견)

- Scholarship Support for Korean Studies Student (한국학 전공생 대상 장학금 지원)

- Database development of Academic Research Data on Korean Studies (한국학 관련 학술 연구 자료 데이터베이스화)

Research, Policy and Knowledge Exchange with Overseas Educational Institutions (해외 교육기관과의 연구 및 정책, 지식 교류)

- International joint research promotion (국제 공동연구 추진)

- Policy and Knowledge Exchange (정책 및 지식 교류)

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