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Energy and Environment

Background of the volume-based waste fee system

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Title Background of the volume-based waste fee system
Author Korea Development Institute
Publisher [Seoul] : Korea Development Institute
Publication Date 2013
Material Type e-Learning
Country South Korea Holding Korea Development Institute
Language English License
Series Title Volume-based Waste Fee System in Korea

User Note

After rapid industrialization and economic growth, Korea has faced various environmental problems as well as mass generation of waste. Moreover waste treatment facility was necessary but construction of sanitary landfill site and incinerator caused big social conflict between local communities. In order to reduce waste and maximize recycling, the Korean government set reduction, recycling, sanitary incineration and landfill as basic waste policies and enforced the Volume-based Waste Fee System as an economic incentive to resolve the waste problem, based on the polluter pays principle in 1990s. Although the Volume-based Waste Fee System as a method to reduce waste had no significant procedural meaning because it is just a collection stage in the entire waste disposal procedure, in practical terms, it wielded huge influence on politics, economy, society, and culture as an important economic instrument in the environment sector. And, it is considered one of the most successful market-based environment policy. We would like to facilitate the introduction of the VBWF System in Korea and its success factors and implementations in this course.

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