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WTO accession strategies for Azerbaijan

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Title WTO accession strategies for Azerbaijan
Author Sung, Keukje; Ahn, Dukgeun; Lee, Jaemin; Lee, Siwook
Publisher [Seoul] : Korea Development Institute
Publication Date 2008
Material Type Report
Country Azerbaijan
South Korea
Holding Korea Development Institute
Language English License
Series Title Knowledge Sharing Program


Since 2004, Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance (MOSF) has conducted the Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) projects for selected developing countries. Until the end of 2007, nine such projects have been carried out. The purpose of KSP is to perform demand- driven and performance-oriented comprehensive consultations, by sharing specific knowledge and experience during the rapid Korean economic development. The projects are administered by the Office for Development Cooperation (ODECO) at Korea Development Institute (KDI). MOSF and ODECO launched the KSP for Azerbaijan in October 2007 with the first visit by a group of consultants in order to explore the demand for the project from the Azerbaijan’s perspective. After intensive consultations, 5 topics were identified, and among those 5, consultation on the WTO accession by Azerbaijan was chosen. (The rest omitted)

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