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The medium-term policy for fiscal sustainability in Bolivia

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Title The medium-term policy for fiscal sustainability in Bolivia
Author Lee, JaeHoon; Ryu, Deockhyun; Chung, Yunho
Publisher Seoul : Korea Development Institute
Publication Date 2012
Material Type Report
Country Bolivia
South Korea
Holding Korea Development Institute
Language English License
Series Title Knowledge Sharing Program


In recent years, Bolivia has demonstrated strong macro-economic stability, and in spite of the global financial crisis, Bolivia has been posting strong growth. Compared to the average growth of 3.1 per cent in the period 2001-05, the period 2006-10 recorded 4.6 per cent. Inflation was contained relatively well even in the middle of the global financial crisis. The trade balance has turned favourably since 2004 and the international reserves, by the end of 2011, grew to approximately US$12.03 billion. Since 2008, exchange rates have been stable. Public investment has also increased. Urban unemployment was contained at a 5.7 per cent level in 2010. The level of poverty is also abating. (The rest omitted)

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