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National economic development of Equatorial Guinea in horizon 2020

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Title National economic development of Equatorial Guinea in horizon 2020
Author Song, Jaeho; Oh, Hyunseok; Lee, Chu; Chun, Hongmin
Publisher Seoul : Korea Development Institute
Publication Date 2012
Material Type Report
Country Equatorial Guinea
Equatorial Guinea
South Korea
Holding Korea Development Institute
Language English License
Series Title Knowledge Sharing Program


In 2011, South Korea launched the first Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) with Equatorial Guinea (República de Guinea Ecuatorial in Spanish), which is located in the mid-west of Africa. The KSP is a policy consultation project that aims to share Korea’s development experience of transforming into one of the world’s largest economies in a very short period of time with partner countries. The directions of the 2011 KSP with Equatorial Guinea are as follows: First, it aims to meet the objectives of the Africa Initiative, which tries to support capacity building of African nations by expanding aid to Africa and sharing Korea’s development experiences. Second, it aims to enhance the effectiveness of consultation by following the consulting project management procedure of international organizations. (The rest omitted)

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