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Energy and Environment

소규모 상하수도 시스템(Small-scale waterworks and sewerage systems)

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Title 소규모 상하수도 시스템(Small-scale waterworks and sewerage systems)
Publisher 서울 : 한국개발연구원
Publication Date 2013
Material Type Report
Country South Korea Holding KDI 국제정책대학원
Language Korean License
Series Title Knowledge Sharing Program: 경제발전경험 모듈화 사업


Water is essential for human life, to the extent that the right to clean water and proper water sanitation can be considered a basic human right. Nevertheless, many people in the poorest developing countries do not have access to clean water and proper water sanitation because their governments lack the financial and/or administrative capacity to resolve such problems. In particular, residents in rural areas tend to have inferior water supply and sanitary facilities. Korea was able to rapidly increase its clean water supply rate in a short period of time thanks to the active efforts of its government, the introduction of loans from foreign countries and the issuing of local government bonds for the restoration of water supply facilities destroyed during the Korean War. Still, rural communities in Korea had experienced numerous water-related problems, such as water-borne epidemics because the wells (the main water supply facility in the 1970s) were located mostly adjacent to livestock pens and domestic sewage. (The rest omitted)

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