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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Change management in Colombian national police

: A consulting on improving security information system
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Title Change management in Colombian national police
Subtitle A consulting on improving security information system
Author Korea Eximbank
Publisher [Seoul] : Korea Eximbank
Publication Date 2013 - 06
Material Type Report
Country Colombia
South Korea
South Korea
Holding Ministry of Strategy and Finance
Language English License
Series Title Knowledge Sharing Program; 2012 Joint Consulting with IOs


This case study has closely examined the inclusive business model that the OMJ and Banco Gerador have decided to implement in Brazil’s north-eastern region as well as the Korean model, both addressing the support of VSMEs business activities. While both models do differ in origination of support—private versus public—the fact that both are demand-driven by the needs of the VSME sector in both countries give credence to the usefulness of examining them side by side in a knowledge-sharing project. This report concerns the consultation project on improving the community policing policy of National Police of Colombia (PONAL) and public security information system, in which the PONAL's Community Policing Policy, community national surveillance plan by quadrant (Plan Nacional de Vigilancia Comunitaria por Cuadrantes (PNVCC)), and Public Security Information System are compared with those of Korea with a view to sharing the development knowledge and experience to provide more stable public security services for Colombian citizens. KSP consultants tried to compare the policy of the two countries, Colombia and Korea, to identify the possible improvements. In the aspects of the technical consulting on the public security information system, KSP consultants conducted an investigation on the current status of PONAL’s public security information system and analyzed possible improvements to increase the efficiency. As regards Korea's Community Policing Policy, precinct is the center for community patrols, crime prevention activities, security services for citizens, and immediate response to crimes. To support these activities, various systems are deployed such as a caller location system, Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), a patrol car location system, Incident Dispatching System (IDS), a crime analysis system, and a crime investigation system. The information collected by the police officers and put into the system are integrated by a centralized information system and re-distributed back to and shared by the police officers at the scene. As for Colombia's community policing policy, Colombia's major cities have CAIs(police precinct) consisting of quadrants, within which community patrols, crime prevention and crime suppression activities, and campaigns such as ‘Prevent alcoholic violence campaign’ and ‘Road safety campaign’ aimed at citizens are carried out. To support these activities, the information systems such as HEADE, SIVICC, and SUNAMI are deployed to support the assignment of missions within the Quadrants, the real time retrieval of the wanted vehicles and the criminals, and the spatial analysis of crime information. By comparing the two countries' public security information system, we identified improvement aspects of PONAL. Among them, disintegration of the systems within the related agencies of PONAL is the most required improvements. Also, geographic information system (GIS), the mobile system of quadrant and patrol cars should be integrated and interfaced with other information system.

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2012 Joiint Consulting with IOs: Inter-American Development Bank(IDB) 2/2

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