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재난상황에서 발생하는 갈등의 현황과 대응 전략 마련(Conflict management during disasters)

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Title 재난상황에서 발생하는 갈등의 현황과 대응 전략 마련(Conflict management during disasters)
Publisher 서울 : 한국행정연구원
Publication Date 2013 - 12
Material Type Report
Country South Korea Holding 한국행정연구원
Language Korean License
Series Title KIPA 연구보고서


Recently, large disasters frequently struck cities and towns across the globe. Throughout the process of disaster mitigation, response, and recovery, conflicts among various stakeholders often occur. Social conflicts are natural phenomena, and disasters exacerbate them. If we can anticipate conflicts in the disaster management process, most of them can be prevented or at least alleviated. The purpose of this research is to analyze the conflicts among major stakeholders that arise in the process of natural disaster management and to suggest policy recommendations for improving disaster management system. This paper describes several important conflict cases during disaster management among major stakeholders such as governments, private sectors, and NGOs. Additionally, the similarities and differences of conflicts in Korea and in the United States will be investigated. Based on this comparison, we can identify common and important implications for successful disaster management practices for both countries and many other countries in the world. (The rest omitted)

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