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A comparative study on cybersecurity legislation in Mongolia and South Korea

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Title A comparative study on cybersecurity legislation in Mongolia and South Korea
Author Cho, Hyeshin; Enkhee, Batbayar; Lkhagvasuren, Galbaatar; Sodnom, Doljin; Tseveen, Odgerel
Publisher [Sejong, South Korea] : Korea Legislation Research Institute
Publication Date 2016
Material Type Report
Country Mongolia
South Korea
Holding Korea Legislation Research Institute
Language English License
Series Title International Legal Collaboration Research


Ⅰ. Purpose and Scope of Research □ Cyber security issues have recently become considered as some of the most pertinent emerging agenda in Mongolia and South Korea. Now, cyberspace has become an environment for crime, hacking, and terror. □ South Korea, which has a high reputation as an “Internet Strong Nation,” is expected to play a contributory role in the cybersecurity sector. On the other hand, in Mongolia the legal frameworks on cyber law and information security has not been sufficiently studied and developed in Mongolia. □ This research aims to develop reasonable comments, solutions, and conclusions that lead to recommendations for effective and trustworthy legislative solutions in Mongolia and South Korea. Ⅱ. Contents □ In Mongolia, until 2002, legal provisions and sanctions did not exist for those who commit a crime in the information sector. The first legislation regarding cybersecurity was included in the Mongolian Criminal Law in 2002, under the title, “Crime against computer information.”(The rest omitted)

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