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동북아 국제질서의 변화와 우리의 대응전략

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Title 동북아 국제질서의 변화와 우리의 대응전략
Publisher 세종 : 한국개발연구원
Publication Date 2017 - 01
Material Type Report
Country United States
South Korea
Holding 한국개발연구원; KDI국제정책대학원
Language Korean License
Pages 569


This volume provides a compendium of collective discussions by senior ROK economists and security analysts who have observed and analysed the changes in the East Asian economic and security orders prompted by the rise of China. It consists of eight independent but closely interconnected analytical papers on East Asia’s changing international order and one collective discussion on the related ROK national agenda. Of the eight analytical papers, the first conceptualizes the developments in the East Asian international order in regards to economic and security interaction. And based on such concepts, the second examines the patterns, factors and direction of the changes in the economic sphere while the third undertakes security. Taking lessons from history, the fourth paper studies the empirical cases of international power shift both on the world stage and in East Asia since the First Great Depression in the 1930s. This is followed by an additional four papers each of which studies the national strategy of major East Asian countries such as the US, China, Japan and Russia, respectively. Finally, the ninth paper summarizes and presents the ROK’s national agenda on the aforementioned changes in terms of: the direction of economic development; strategic stance within the US-China power struggle; new visions for ROK-US alliance; perceptions on the great divergence between economy and security in the relation to China and; the strategic approach to Japan and Russia, amongst others.

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