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Health and Safety

한국의 보건복지동향(Korea's health and welfare trends)

: 2011
  • 한국의 보건복지동향(Korea's health and welfare trends)
  • 서울 : 한국보건사회연구원
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Title 한국의 보건복지동향(Korea's health and welfare trends)
Subtitle 2011
Publisher 서울 : 한국보건사회연구원
Publication Date 2011 - 12
Material Type Report
Country South Korea Holding 한국보건사회연구원
Language Korean License
Series Title 연구보고서


Social and economic development, along with diversity of life style and difficulties in decision making demands various and precise statistical information. In addition, statistical information plays an important role in policy making and implementation and enhancement of quality of people's lives. Due to these reasons, provision of systematic development and management for various and high-quality statistics is in great expectation. In Korea, interest in statistics is growing, along with its economic advancement. In particular, after Korea became a member of OECD, it has been making steady and persistent efforts to identify the status of national statistics development and qualitative and quantitative improvement in statistics. Requested statistics by international organizations tend to be more diverse and segmentalized than before. For instance, OECD applied to member countries for segmentalized and expanded variables on non-monetary health resources statistics jointly with WHO and EU. (The rest omitted)

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