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OECD INES 교육성과(LSO) 네트워크 사업(2012)(OECD INES LSO network(2012))

  • OECD INES 교육성과(LSO) 네트워크 사업(2012)(OECD INES LSO network(2012))
  • 서울 : 한국직업능력개발원
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Title OECD INES 교육성과(LSO) 네트워크 사업(2012)(OECD INES LSO network(2012))
Publisher 서울 : 한국직업능력개발원
Publication Date 2012 - 12
Material Type Report
Country South Korea Holding 한국직업능력개발원
Language Korean License
Series Title 기본사업


The portion of human resource development budgets in national finances or economy is high in all countries and as there are many related parties, attention has been paid to the need of efficient budgeting. Accordingly, due to the increase of statistical demand for human resources, the OECD has published statistical compilation indexing major statistics in education and human resource development field(Indicators of Education Systems: INES). 'Education at a Glance', which is the education statistics data being published sice the late 90's, is used as a fundamental data for related policy making in all countries world wide. Statistics presented in 'Education at a Glance' can be divided in to two major categories; statistics related to the overall education system(supply of human resource) and a field associating to labor market, that is, statistics related to economical・social performance of education(distribution, utilization, performance of human resource). Among these, the part responsible for economical and social performance of education related statistics is the Labor market & Social outcomes of learning network(LSO network). The Labor market & social outcomes of learning network is dealt as an interested area required for additional indicator development within the OECD's Education at a Glance project, and this is because problems associated with education and labor market such as global youth unemployment are occurring. This report was documented after organizing information provided by carrying out related consultations and analyzing statistics data as a representative of Korea in OECD INES Labor market & social outcomes of learning(LSO).

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