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한, 인도 CEPA 확대를 통한 산업협력방안 연구

: ICT 산업 중심으로
  • 한, 인도 CEPA 확대를 통한 산업협력방안 연구
  • [서울] : 대외경제정책연구원
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Title 한, 인도 CEPA 확대를 통한 산업협력방안 연구
Subtitle ICT 산업 중심으로
Publisher [서울] : 대외경제정책연구원
Publication Date 2013 - 12
Material Type Report
Country India
South Korea
Holding 대외경제정책연구원
Language Korean License
Series Title 전략지역심층연구


This study aims to identify development plans and to explore their application in the ICT industry related to utilization of the Korea-India CEPA. The Indian economy was under the danger of financial crisis during the recession but still has maintained its position as a major emerging market. After Korea-India CEPA entered into force in January 2010, trade between the two countries rapidly increased. However, bilateral trade has declined due to the recent global economic crisis. In addition, while Indian investment to Korea is being expanded, Korean investment to India among small and medium enterprises has been shrinking. In terms of competitiveness, Korea has comparative strengths in the ICT manufacturing sectors, and also in banking and finance. Since the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning was established, Korea views the ICT as a pivotal sectors in its quest for a creative economy. India’s policy goal on ICT involves making India a global hub and destinations for IT-ITeS. There are obstacles in this regard as Korea suffers from the shortage of ICT expertises and India is weighed down by potential IPR issues. The Korea-India CEPA could strengthen the complementary cooperation in ICT between Korea and India. According to the dynamic CGE model analysis, both economies would have benefit if the Korea-India CEPA succeeds in increasing the productivity of ICT manufacturing and ICT service sectors in both economies. (The rest omitted)

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