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Clinical vaccine development

  • Clinical vaccine development
  • Han, Seunghoon
  • [Seoul, Korea] : Korean Vaccine Society
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Title Clinical vaccine development
Author Han, Seunghoon
Publisher [Seoul, Korea] : Korean Vaccine Society
Publication Date 2015 - 01
Material Type Article
Country South Korea Holding Korean Vaccine Society
Language English License
Pages 8


Vaccination is regarded as one of the biggest triumphs in the history of medicine. We are living in the most successful period of vaccine development. The accumulation of multidisciplinary knowledge and the investment of massive funding have enabled the development of vaccines against many infectious diseases as well as other diseases including malignant tumors. The paradigm of clinical vaccine evaluation and licensure has also been modernized based on scientific improvements and historical experience. However, there remain a number of hurdles to overcome. Continuous efforts are focused on increasing the efficacy and reducing the risks related to vaccine use. Cutting-edge knowledge about immunology and microbiology is being rapidly translated to vaccine development. Thus, physicians and others involved in the clinical development of vaccines should have sufficient understanding of the recent developmental trends in vaccination and the diseases of interest.

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