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Country review Korea

  • Country review Korea
  • Bartzokas,Anthony
  • Maastricht,Netherlands : United Nations University
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Title Country review Korea
Author Bartzokas,Anthony
Publisher Maastricht,Netherlands : United Nations University
Publication Date 2017
Material Type Report
Country South Korea Holding United Nations University
Language English License
Pages 38


This report is one of the 31 country reviews produced as internal working papers for the research project “Monitoring and analysis of policies and public financing instruments conducive to higher levels of R&D investments” (Contract DG-RTD- 2005-M-01-02, signed on 23 December 2005). This project is a research project conducted for DG Research, to serve as support for policy developments in Europe, notably in the framework of CREST activities. It does not form part of the ERAWATCH project, but the working documents are made available on ERAWATCH webpages for the purpose of steering a debate on the policy mix concept.

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