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Energy and Environment

Green energy development

: GGGI Technical guideline
  • Green energy development
  • Per Olof Bertilsson; Dereje Senshaw
  • [Seoul, Korea] : Global Green Growth Institute
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Title Green energy development
Subtitle GGGI Technical guideline
Author Per Olof Bertilsson; Dereje Senshaw
Publisher [Seoul, Korea] : Global Green Growth Institute
Publication Date 2017 - 11
Material Type Report
Country Holding Global Green Growth Institute
Language English License
Series Title GGGI Technical Guideline


GGGI developed these Green Energy Development Guidelines to assist member countries in developing strategic green energy development plans and implementation road maps at every stage of the GGGI value chain. They serve as a reference for government officials, GGGI staff and consultants, development partners, and relevant stakeholders who are working on areas related to or looking to develop a project on green energy. They provide strategies to take toward green energy development, as well as processes to put these strategies into practice.

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