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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

한국의 정보보호 활동과 시사점(Information security activities in Korea and implications)

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Title 한국의 정보보호 활동과 시사점(Information security activities in Korea and implications)
Publisher 서울 : KDI 국제정책대학원
Publication Date 2012
Material Type Report
Country South Korea Holding KDI 국제정책대학원
Language Korean License
Series Title Knowledge Sharing Program: 경제발전경험 모듈화 사업


Korea is ranked near the top in the world in all of the main informatization indices, and has the world’s highest level of internet use as well. Recently, the use of wireless internet services through mobile handsets such as smartphones and tablets has been growing significantly. However, as informatization advances, related threats such as hacking, computer viruses, spam email, unhealthy information distribution and privacy invasions have also been increasing rapidly. Moreover, there is high concern over the potential damages to Korea’s main national information communication infrastructures caused by cyber attacks. As a result, the Korean government recognizes that information security activities have an equal level of importance to informatization when pursuing national projects. To enhance the national level of information security, the Korean government is working hard to implement a systematic foundation, and has been unfolding various types of information security activities. (The rest omitted)

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