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Territorial Development and Urbanization

한국형 신도시 개발(Korean version of new town development)

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Title 한국형 신도시 개발(Korean version of new town development)
Publisher 서울 : KDI 국제정책대학원
Publication Date 2012
Material Type Report
Country South Korea Holding KDI 국제정책연구원
Language Korean License
Series Title Knowledge Sharing Program: 경제발전경험 모듈화 사업


A normative new town based on self-reliance is defined as a new town in a narrow sense. Meanwhile, new settlement developed in a planned manner can be regarded as a new town in a broad sense. Koreas new town development was progressed in a functional pattern through the timely changes in the paradigm and process of urbanization. First, the modern meaning of a Korean style new town construction was started in 1960s and 1970s through the industrial cities such as Ulsan and Pohang to lead the economic growth. The second paradigm change was the period of supplying new homes to cope with housing shortage, and the best examples are the five new towns that are constructed in the 1980s and 1990s to supply insufficient homes. Afterwards, since 2000, new towns that have multiple purposes such as accommodating of the administrative functions, construction of the company towns and the innovative cities. (The rest omitted)

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