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여성 행위주체성(agency)에 관한 생애단계별 고찰(Women's agency in life course)

: 빈곤개념의 확장(Broader concept of poverty)
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Title 여성 행위주체성(agency)에 관한 생애단계별 고찰(Women's agency in life course)
Subtitle 빈곤개념의 확장(Broader concept of poverty)
Author Noh, Hye-jin
Publisher Seoul : Korea Women's Development Institute
Publication Date 2011 -06
Material Type Article
Country South Korea Holding KDI School
Language Korean License
Pages 40


This study raises a question about existing concept and measurement of poverty focusing income because it cannot include aspects of female poverty seriously. So this study defines and measures poverty focusing agency that means the level of access and control to resource as the process of poverty. The results show the degree of women’s agency is 0.45 and by life course, women initially experience agency poverty when they have preschool children. Throughout object, the characters of spouseless, small family members are related to high agency. And when the level of economic dependency to husband is high and working hour of husband is very short or long, agency of women decreases. This study considers mechanism of female poverty quantitatively as focusing agency that is the process of income poverty. Therefore, the study suggests that the effective antipoverty policy should be intervened from the period with preschooler because women’s agency start to decrease at that time.

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