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Korea’s 95% reduction in child traffic fatalities

: Policies and achievements
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Title Korea’s 95% reduction in child traffic fatalities
Subtitle Policies and achievements
Author Sul, Jaehoon; Lee, Jun; Kang, Dong Su; Lee, Won Young; Shim, Jae Ick; Myeong, Myohee; Huh, Eok; Lim, Jae Kyung
Publisher [Gyeonggi] : The Korea Transport Institute
Publication Date 2014
Material Type Report
Country South Korea Holding The Korea Transport Institute
Language English License
Series Title KOTI Knowledge Sharing Report


Road safety for children is one of the most important issues for countries concerned about traffic safety. These countries are exerting great effort into reducing the number of child deaths from road traffic accidents. The effort includes research on effective policy measures that can drastically lower road collisions involving children. In Korea, the number of child deaths from traffic accidents fell 95% from 1,766 deaths in 1988 to 83 deaths in 2012. Few other countries have made such a remarkable improvement in such a short period of time. It is therefore worthwhile for Korea to share its experience with other countries with regard to the successful effort in decreasing these deaths. The purpose of this report is to help various countries learn from Korea’s experience in reducing traffic accidents involving children. (rest omitted)

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