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글로벌 생산·혁신 네트워크와 혁신성장(Global productionㆍinnovation networks and innovative growth)

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Title 글로벌 생산·혁신 네트워크와 혁신성장(Global productionㆍinnovation networks and innovative growth)
Publisher 세종 : 산업연구원
Publication Date 2018 - 12
Material Type Report
Country South Korea Holding 산업연구원; KDI국제정책대학원
Language Korean License
Series Title 연구보고서


The concept of “innovative growth” is emerging as central to the government’s economic agenda but it has been pointed out that it lacks a clear concept and implementation plan for its objectives. The government has recently begun to discuss strategies and propose tasks on innovation in earnest but faces criticism that specific policies are not clearly differentiated from those of previous administrations. Despite the recent emergence of new technologies and the expectation that the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) based on them will dramatically change the existing economy, the government’s discussion of innovative growth is limited to R&D investment in the science and technology sector and has not seriously weighted the economic implications of 4IR. This research is aimed at discussing and determining the implications carried by important changes in the global economy resulting from 4IR for government economic policy. In doing so, we argue the need for supplemental policies that address recent developments in globalization in discussions on innovation growth centered on the development of new technologies. To this end, this study attempts to discuss the problem in three main aspects. First, in the 4IR, we explain why and why global production methods for innovative growth are needed. Second, we evaluate new policies for production and innovation through current Korean global networks. Through this process, it provides implications for the current government’s global strategy for innovation policy and policy supplementation.

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